Room Reservation
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Number of rooms Adults Children  
Type Payment
Room Type Room Rate(RMB)
Standard Twin ¥538.00
Standard Single ¥538.00
Korean-style ¥538.00
Japanese-style ¥538.00
Superior Korean-style ¥568.00
Superior Japanese-style ¥568.00
Superior King ¥568.00
Executive Room ¥638.00
Superior Suite ¥888.00
Deluxe Business Suite ¥3888.00

Sanyang hotel are chefs gathered cuisine, a variety of restaurants of different styles, distinct characteristics, the environment elegant, authentic taste, to great acclaim. Brings together foreign cuisine in two restaurants, the above and other raw materials, superb cuisine, attentive and standardized services to meet all friends, so you can Bianchang delicious world enjoy eating fun.


Luxurious and elegant design in the restaurant, the main reason by the chef offers traditional Cantonese cuisine and exquisite signature dishes, and constantly adapt to seasonal.

Opening hours:07:00-22:00


Palm Café serves breakfast buffet and casual meal, the restaurant opened a wireless high-speed Internet service, guests can rest at any time to enjoy surfing.

Opening hours:06:30-24:00


    Palm Cafe is elegant and comfortable surrounding for business meeting and friends gathering.     


  The Sunshine Court's Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant makes traditional Cantonese cuisine, and our cooks keep change and innovation on the basis of traditional food, successfully promoted the first local no-borders restaurant. Here is a good venue to meet with relatives, friends and business associates.



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